Big announcement!

Did you know that in Trick we are members of ADVA, the Argentine Game Developers Association?


ADVA is a Non-Profit Organization that promotes the growth of the videogame development industry in Argentina. Founded in 2000, it´s the main contact point for every international company or individual interested in seeking new opportunities for game development in Argentina

So what’s so important? Because Trick Gaming Studios is the only company in the city of Mar del Plata that is member of ADVA and now we can combine efforts to promote and encourage game development in Argentina

But the most important news is that Trick is working to prepare the Argentine Videogames Expo (EVAx) in Mar del Plata this year for first time.

Since 2003, ADVA has organized the EVA in Buenos Aires. Every year, the event is visited by thousands of attendees, who come from all over the world. Like the GDC, EVA consists of a series of conferences about game development where people gather to learn about the latest advances in programming, game design, art and business in the industry. The last edition of EVA was a massive success, reaching more than forty sponsors, including Sony, Vostu, Cartoon Network and Gameloft, among others.

We are also in charge of sharing the latest news in Mar del Plata on the website of ADVA, you can check the news here:

In Trick we’re always growing to serve our clients even better.

Soon we will be with more news of the EVAx in Mar del Plata

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