Introducing Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift

Finally we can reveal the latest project we were working on!

Trick Gaming Studios is proud to announce: Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift, an awesome infinite runner!

Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift

For the last few months we were developing a new free-to-play mobile game for Razor®, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality scooters and ride-ons.

  • Julian working on Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift

We had so much fun developing this awesome game!
Here are all the things that you can do:
* Drive forward or backward, spin and drift like a pro to avoid the obstacles that get more challenging over time
* Infinite, randomly generated tracks ensure you never play the same game twice
* In Crazy Cart mode, you speed up, spin around and drift your way through obstacles and multiply your coins faster.
* Sync your moves to the arrows and activate Crazy Cart mode faster.
* Use your 360-degree spin (swipe down) to knock lighter obstacles out of the way
* Pick up power-ups along the way to earn extra coins and get further easily.
* Compete with your friends by sharing your high scores on Facebook and access Global Leaderboards with Game Center.
* Buy extra power-ups in the shop (or earn them by playing) and use them as multipliers to get further in the game.
* Come back every day and win some awesome in-game prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Download Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift and start challenging your friends!

The new Razor® Crazy Cart™ video game is available for Android and iOS


And now is…. TIME TO PLAY!

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