Our favorite video games ever!

Whether it’s an old game or one of the latest releases, the question is which game you enjoyed the most and got the best memories of it, no matter if you played in an old console, an arcade or on your PC. Having so many options, these are the games that our team chose.


Diego and Julian chose a game that recently joined the World Video Game Hall of fame: World of Warcraft . Diego shared his story: I played for more than five years and led me to meet people from other countries, like Uruguay.  A player named Smark (a.k.a. Javier), came to visit me because his sister was getting married in my city. The following year I went to Uruguay where I got to know the cities of Montevideo and Punta del Este with the friends I had made thanks to World of Warcraft”


For Mugu and Marcelo agree that Fallout 2 was the best video game , why? “I think it is the best RPG in history. The atmosphere, the moral choices you can take, the number of hours it takes and all its replayability, the dialogues, the features and much more. It is a work of art made game”. Mugu add “ I remember playing first Fallout 1, because at that time had an old PC and could only play old games.I played for 30 minutes and went to school, on the bus told my friend about the game. He was so excited that when we arrived at school we did not enter and went back home, where we played and then gave him the CD so he can install it on his PC.”


Agustina, our marketing assistant, and the only girl on the team, tells us: “my favorite game of all time is The Sims but I prefers the first version.Also I love to play Theme Hospital where you can design a hospital from scratch, building up rooms, hiring staff to operate it and try not to kill patients. It’s very funny.”


Julian F. says he never enjoyed so much a game like MU Online“I began playing the beta version 0.97 when I was 12, with my brother we used the pentium 3 of our father (when he was not at home), I used to play in the day and my brother at night, we also played in cybercafés. The only goal was to be on the best players top 10.  I met people from all over the country, and kept in touch for years, even a friend for Cordoba came to visit me.”


For Pablo, the best video game ever is Portal“I played games all my life, but never one like Portal, in both versions. It was a fun game, especially because it is very ironic, which is rarely found in other games. I was always a loyal follower of American and British sitcoms comedy, Friends and The IT Crowd, to mention two nothing more. Portal was the result of merging an amazing puzzle game with a first-rate sitcom where you can interact with the characters. The environment generated hilarious and unthinkable situations in a game.Such as when GLaDOS (the system / robot that controls Aperture Science Laboratories) asks us not to try to pass the level, his complaints and responses are priceless. I played several times and find new things every time. It always brings me a smile, and that is something usually hard to find in certain games”


Leandro, our CEO, chose The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He believes that game turned him into a completely nerd. His other favorite games are also from Nintendo family, as Super Mario Bros and Pokemon.


For David the best video game ever is Pokemon Yellow. “Since childhood I believe that nothing drove me crazier than Pokemon. I remember coming back from school and run in front of the TV because if I lose time taking off my backpack could miss a minute of the show.  We did not have a PC at that time, so I loved going to my grandmother’s house just because there was a PC with an emulator of the game and could play it with my uncle. When I got my first computer I spent hours playing on all the versions that I found with my cousin and friends. Fun fact: with my first paycheck I bought a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Yellow because I always wanted to play it on this console.“


Now it’s your turn. Which is your favorite game?

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2 Responses to Our favorite video games ever!

  1. George says:

    Pokemon Red!

  2. AleTails says:

    Sonic Adventure 2.

    A very dinamic game and amazing music.

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