Meet the team behind the development of our latest game: Razor Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift


From left to right Mugu, Jorge and Julian “working” on the videogame.

Over the last months these guys were developing a new free-to-play mobile game for Razor®, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality scooters and ride-ons.

The purpose of this project was create greater loyalty and engagement between the brand and their customers. We knew we had to give our best to make the users feel the same excitement and adrenaline when they play the video game than when they ride the karting and be able to add all the features of theproduct on the game, such as allows drivers to completely control their drifts, spins, and cornering. Continue reading

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Play Ultimate Open Face Poker on your phone!

Open Face Chinese Poker (OFCP) has taken the poker world by storm in the last two years!

It’s a variant of Chinese poker were players  receive 5 cards to start and then 3 cards on each turn (of which only 2 can be chosen) until each player has 13 cards on the table.

Each player must use those cards to form 3 hands:  3 cards in the front hand, 5 cards in the middle hand, and 5 cards in the back hand.

The back hand must be stronger than or equal to the middle hand and the middle hand must be stronger than or equal to the front hand. Else, the player has fouled.

This new game allows you to play the game with competitors from all over the world! You can play with your friends, the computer or random strangers. It’s like the real game without needing to leave your house!

This is the only version that offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to play with Android and iOS users and switch between devices without losing your games. Just login with your FB account and you are all set.

Ultimate Open Face Poker let’s you play:

  • Traditional style,
  • Pineapple,
  • 2-7 in the middle,
  • Spade Multipliers,
  • and you can even choose your own rule variations.

You can check full set of the rules below. But why not give it a try and tell us what you think?


Available for Android and iOS

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Introducing Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift

Finally we can reveal the latest project we were working on!

Trick Gaming Studios is proud to announce: Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift, an awesome infinite runner!

Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift

For the last few months we were developing a new free-to-play mobile game for Razor®, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality scooters and ride-ons.

  • Julian working on Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift

We had so much fun developing this awesome game!
Here are all the things that you can do:
* Drive forward or backward, spin and drift like a pro to avoid the obstacles that get more challenging over time
* Infinite, randomly generated tracks ensure you never play the same game twice
* In Crazy Cart mode, you speed up, spin around and drift your way through obstacles and multiply your coins faster.
* Sync your moves to the arrows and activate Crazy Cart mode faster.
* Use your 360-degree spin (swipe down) to knock lighter obstacles out of the way
* Pick up power-ups along the way to earn extra coins and get further easily.
* Compete with your friends by sharing your high scores on Facebook and access Global Leaderboards with Game Center.
* Buy extra power-ups in the shop (or earn them by playing) and use them as multipliers to get further in the game.
* Come back every day and win some awesome in-game prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Download Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift and start challenging your friends!

The new Razor® Crazy Cart™ video game is available for Android and iOS


And now is…. TIME TO PLAY!

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Top 5 announcements from GDC 2015

As every year, we attended GDC. This time our CEO, Leandro Gonzalez went with Cesar D’Onofrio, CEO of Making Sense, to bring you the latest news and trends in the industry

  • Our CEO, Leandro Gonzalez and Cesar DOnofrio, CEO of Making Sense

The conference took place at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco during the first week of March and it was full of announcements

Here are the 5 things that you can’t miss from GDC 2015

  1. Engines, free engines everywhere you looked

Game engines were big news at GDC this year. Epic announced that Unreal Engine 4 is now available at no cost,  also Source 2 and Unity 5 engines straight-up free with even more features than before!


  1. Virtually Reality

GDC 2015 saw a huge surge of interest and developer engagement with Virtual Reality (VR) devices and platforms, with huge tech and game industry players including Sony, Oculus, Valve and HTC showcasing new technology months, even years before the products hit retail shelves

The lines for VR Demos were never empty. Oculus demoed the latest Rift prototype called Crescent Bay and Epic Games has teamed up with Weta Digital to present a virtual reality experience based on The Hobbit films — in which you confront the dragon, Smaug.


  1. Amazing Sessions

As usual, GDC presented a large array of talks to choose from. After what has been a hard year for the game industry in terms of diversity, one of the trending talks circled around eight women delivering inspiring messages describing their experiences working in the video game industry in the #1ReasonToBe panel at the 2015 GDC.

women at gdc

  1. Big Announcements

During the first day NVIDIA annouced their NVIDIA SHIELD, the first Android TV console from the company.

It’s built to scoop up the best titles that Android and PC gaming have to offer and put them in the middle of your living room.


The next day they surprised us with a second announcement, The GeForce GTX TITAN X, a 12GB GPU with 8 billion transistors. Inside a InWin Tou Tempered Glass ATX Case, its latest powerhouse graphics card from Nvidia


At the second day of GDC, Khronos unveils Vulkan, an explicit cross-platform 2D and 3D graphics API, is the next generation of OpenGL. Vulkan targets high-performance realtime 3D graphics applications such as games and interactive media across all platforms.


  1. History of games

Videogame History Museum presented “The History of Atari”, with a blowout exhibit of systems, arcade machines, rare prototypes and memorabilia. The Museum’s Atari exhibit includes not just that 2600 system, but many sample systems from the company, including systems like the Touch Me, a handheld game system that was the inspiration for Ralph Baer to create Simon. Other systems and games on display were never publicly released, such as Game Brain, a cartridge-based prototype system for which only five cartridges were ever made, and Atari Cosmos, the result of Atari buying many holography patents to create a hologram-based game system.



Wall of Wow: The Wall of Wow highlights the wide variety of Intel® processor-powered devices. At the center we imagine a giant motherboard with devices from small to large as the components of an exciting ecosystem

Wall of Wow

We are present at these events to bring you the latest trends and technologies and provide a better service for our customers and clients.

If you like to learn more about us, our products or services please contact us at


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Trick Gaming Studios will be present at Game Connection America and Game Developers Conference (GDC)

On the first week of March we will be present in two very important events in the beautiful city of San Francisco. First for the Game Connection America and then for the Game Developers Conference (GDC)



We are also happy to announce that we will be present as exhibitors at Game Connection America. At our stand you can try our latest games, see the technologies that we use and know a little more about our company and our culture. You can find our stand at the Argentina Delegation.



And like every year, we will attend to GDC to keep abreast of the latest news and trends in the industry and provide a better service for our customers and clients.

If you see that we could be a good fit for your game development project needs or like to learn more about us, our products and services, feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting at

See you at San Francico!
Trick Gaming Studios LLC

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What do we do now? All about the Global Game Jam 2015

Under the theme What do we do now?”   the Global Game Jam 2015 began last weekend.  The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game creation event taking place around the world at physical locations.

Last year we hosted this event for first time on Trick’s hometown: Mar del Plata, Argentina and since last year’s was awesome we couldn’t resist and we did it again. With over 30 attendees the GGJ began the Friday until Sunday (with breaks for sleep and relax). It was intense but after countless number of cups of coffee and pizza slices, the team could meet the goals and develop not just one, but four games!

  • All the team together
  • Really focused on their work
  • working and chilling
  • having fun...
  • Having fun
  • wonderful shirt!
  • art is everywhere
  • Doing some music
  • Doing some music
  • Doing some music
  • having fun!
  • working...
  • Sea Lion preview
  • ping-pong time!
  • that is a lot of pizza...
  • final touches
  • testing the games
  • Tomy and Tiburcio Team
  • Having fun

We had the presence of Fer, Francisco, Christian and Juan from OKAM Studio, who made everyone laugh despite the tiredness. Surely you remember Fer for the talk he gave at EVAX MDQ about the “10 things that nobody told him about being a Game Designer” and Juan is the founder of GODOT Engine.

The Global Game Jam was a great opportunity to connect with people, to share experiences, and create something. Videogames do not escape to our own cultures, and it’s a great moment to step back and admire and celebrate our differences and our similarities. During the GGJ, more than 28000 participants create almost 5500 games in 78 different countries in just one weekend.

These are the four games that were developed at our offices during the #GGJ15

  • Apocrifo
  • S.E.A. L.I.O.N. M.A.S.A.C.R.E.W.
  • Super Crazy Tennis
  • Tomy and Tiburcio

And now it´s… TIME TO PLAY!

We hope attendees had as much fun as we have during the GGJ. See you at #GGJ16

Specialthanks to Agustina Garcia Orsi forthe pictures

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EVAx MDQ 2014 was a success!

The first edition of EVAx MDQ took place inthe city of Mar delPlata on December 6, local studios, including Trick, supported by ADVA put their effort to bring a quality event for the industry.

Despite the 32 °C (almost 90°F), 200 people attended, who enjoyed the conferences and the Indie space, where they could try recent games and beta versions of games that are hitting the market, by studios from Mar del Plata and surrounding areas.

  • Julian and Sebastian from Trick Gaming Studios
  • Julian and Sebastian from Trick Gaming Studios
  • Ignacio talking about Unity
  • Fernando Spina, on the 10 things that nobody told him about being a Game Designer
  • Attendees listening to the panelists
  • Indie Space
  • Gastón and Jojo showing their new game
  • Daniel Benmergui and Diego Ruiz
  • Agustin Cordes, Daniel Benmergui and Diego Ruiz
  • Thanks all for coming!

The event started with an introductory talk about game development, by Julian  and Mugu from Trick Gaming Studios, they spoke about the different areas in the game development and showed us how simple it is to put together a game on platforms like Construc 2 and Unity.

Then Ignacio and Nicolas talked about the principles of game design and prototype Unity, explaining a little more about the program used by most of the present studies, because of how it fits to all platforms.

The third talk was in charge of Fernando Spina, who amused us commenting on the 10 things that nobody told him about being a Game Designer, talking about his experience on his first works. The audience never stopped laughing with his talk.

Then in the break, attendees could approach to the Indie area and test the latest trends in video games developed in Mar del Plata and surrounding areas.

When came the turn of Gaston and Jojo, they surprised us with an original talk by the name “Juice it or lose it” showing all stages of the design and how a simple game can be transformed by the use of graphics and effects. With Germán, designer of Studio 1927, they answered questions about art and their new game WhackWars.

One of the most anticipated talks was the one of Agustín Cordes who told us about the two campaigns carried out on Kicstarter: Asylum and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, in the first project he achieved his goal, but in the second, although he gathered $ 100,000, failed to meet his goal. Then Daniel Benmergui, creator of Storyteller, and Diego Ruiz, creator of Running Fred, joined for a very funny question panel.

The second last talk was in charge of Sebastian, Mauro and Franco, they showed us the video game that they are developing, a first person shooter called X-Dead. Also, they told their experience with “Firger Olimpycs” a game developed in Mar del Plata that had more 7 million downloads.

Finally came the turn of the most anticipated speech, Diego Ruiz spoke about how to monetize videogames under the freemium model, showing how his team applied it in his last game Party of Heroes and the successful Falling Fred.

The result of the first EVAx was very positive! We hope that this will be the first of many that we do in Mar del Plata!
See you at Evax MDQ 2015!

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Best post of 2014


As a new year is coming, we give you our best post of 2014

  1. HTML & CSS image handling – Part 1
  2. Trickplays Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  3. Top 5 Gaming trends
  4. #TBT Gabriel Knight
  5. Big announcement!

enjoy it!

Trick Gaming Studios

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My chronicles of EVA2014.

Hi there! Mugu here!. I want to tell you what I think of EVA2014, the most important game development conference in Latin America, we were there with Julian  and The Gnumies the last week.


EVA2014 started the past Friday 7 of November in Buenos Aires, it was two day fully scheduled with conferences of all kinds with local and international game developers.
Both international conferences were awesome, the first one on Friday with Carl Callewaer which is a really nice guy and has a lot of knowledge about Unity of course, Unity is one of the most used engines around here. The second one was on Saturday, with the almighty Josh Mandel… I still can’t believe I have seen him so close, it’s one of my childhood heroes, since I played lots of old Sierra adventure games, it was an incredible moment for graphic adventure games!. Talking about the local gamedev conferences I enjoyed most of them, but there were some high moments like the “Non-verbal communication On Game Design” of Daniel Benmergui, it was really awesome and I didn’t know Daniel at the moment, he’s a really smart guy. Another talk that I really enjoyed because it’s not something you would expect on a GameDev event was “Supernatural Horror on Videogames” of Agustin Cordes, i’m totally obsessed with Lovecraft’s works and this was a goldmine to me, we’re really lucky to have him on EVAxMardelPlata the next month!. And last but not least I want to add that there was a section called “Indie Space” for all the Indie games developed here in Argentina, there you could play every game and talk with their developers, lots of talent I have to say. I liked a lot Unveil,  a Survival Sandbox game, and also Disorder a Survival Horror.

  • Julian and Mugu on their way to Buenos Aires
  • Well hello there, you sexy backpack.
  • EVA's Indie Space
  • More Indie Space
  • Josh Mandel giving his talk
  • Josh Mandel telling us about his works on SEGA
  • "Supernatural Horror on Videogames" by Agustin Cordes
  • The guys from Heavy Boath giving their talk

In short I want to tell you that this was an amazing event and I think next year is gonna be even better! There’s a lot of potential on our industry and it’s growing everyday.

Hope to see you there next year!
Meanwhile, we would love to see you in the edition of the EVAx in Mar del Plata on December 6, more info here:



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Trick Gaming Studios was present at the GDC Next

Since we always want to improve and discover the latest trends, our company was present at the Game Developers Conference Next (GDC Next) last week in Los Angeles.

trick gs

The conference took place at the LA Convention Center on November 3rd and 4th, and brought the video game community together to cover topics that will help spring their games to success. Our CEO, Leandro, had the opportunity to meet with executives from the best video game companies and members of IGDA Los Angeles. GDC Next brings the video game community together – from makers to marketers, from companies both big and small – to learn how to increase discoverability, gain exposure, broaden their audience, differentiate their work, and position their games for industry success.


The Conference had an Expo Floor, showcasing the games, apps, tools, products and services created by and for next-gen and future-gen developers. Leandro was impressed by the new Oculus Rift that saw at an event of Mozilla. The Rift is a virtual reality headset that lets players step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds that is expected to become available for consumers next year. So far is available only for developers, so they can integrate the Oculus Rift with their games.

It also featured an Indie space giving independent developers a chance to showcase their games to industry professionals and members of the press attending the conference.


We are present at these events to bring you the latest trends and technologies and provide a better service for our customers and clients.

If you like to learn more about us, our products or services please contact us at

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