#trickplays Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Hi there!, It´s Mugu again here.

This week I’ll be reviewing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and from now on I’m gonna call it SoM for short.

SoM it’s the last game on the J.R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth franchise, in this case, a Third Person Action/Stealth game, similar to Assassin’s Creed and Batman Arkham games.

It takes place between the events of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. The player incarnates Talion, a Ranger who is Captain and guards the Black Gate of Mordor.

The game starts with Talion and his family being killed by Sauron’s army but Talion doesn’t die at all and he will seek revenge against their killers.

SoM uses a modified version of the Monolith’s LithTech Jupiter EX, an engine that brought to life most F.E.A.R games and all the Condemned ones, all of these games were FPS and they emphasized on horror, but the developers made a great job with the engine  and it handled the game incredible well.

What I liked about it:

  • Gameplay-wise, the game is great, Talion really feels great to play with.
  • Graphics are really good, but it doesn’t push the envelope.
  • The nemesis system is awesome, I loved it and it’s the core of the gameplay without any doubt.

What I didn’t liked:

  • As you advance in the game, some skills feel too overpowered, like the double finish/brand move.
  • If you just play the main quests doing only the required the game is pretty much short.
  • Some enemy types are too easy.

What I think that could’ve been improved:

  • The ending gave me the impression that it was rushed (a bit too much) for a sequel, and I would love to play a new SoM but it just didn’t feel right.
  • I like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lore, I’ve seen the movies and read some books (not all, though) and I don’t know if Talion is mentioned or appears in any of them, but the I think that the story it’s just OK, nothing amazing but coming from J.R.R’s lore I think they could’ve done better.
  • The “bosses” (warchiefs) feel like a harder Elite Uruk, but nothing special.

It was worth my time / Should you play it?:

Well, at first I didn’t have so much hype for the game since I didn’t like the last AC games and Batman Arkham Origins wasn’t that good, but I really liked the game on the overall and if you like LOTR/Middle-earth and AC / Batman Arkham games I think you will really enjoy it. But if this is not your case, maybe there are other games at the moment to play.


  • Someone is leveling up, and it's not me.
  • Take no prisoners!
  • SoM does look great.
  • Let me help you, bro.
  • SoM is gory...
  • ...really gory.
  • I loved Caragors.



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#TBT Gabriel Knight

For the launch of  Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, 20th Anniversary Edition, our founders Leandro and Julian shared their story with the game

Leandro: Julian’s brother gave us a CD with old games, and I think we chose to play Gabriel Knight because the name seemed interesting. We thought that was a Knight named Gabriel.

After having played for a while, we got to day 3 but couldn´t progress, so we were trying all possible combinations for weeks. I remember when touching the icon on Gabriel. He said something like: I already did that, for us, that had 8 or 9 years, was superfunny

Julian: At that time I had learned that at the mall, you could use 15 minutes of internet for free, it was all new for that time, no one had at home yet. Hopefully running at 56K, or maybe 32, so we went there to try.

Leandro: Julian who had already used the internet before, said that we had to search at Altavista, and there saw that we had to grab clay from the crime scene, and use it to make a mold and then a copy of a bracelet. It was mind blowing. Then I try to do it with the keys of the school, but didn´t work

Julian: I remember that later we got the soundtrack and recorded it on a tape. Those  were very good times

tbt gabriel knight

Now tell us, what is your favorite 90′s game?

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Seeking for a company that fits for your game development project needs?

Trick Gaming Studios will be present at the Game Developers Conference’ Next in LA the first week of November.


We specialize in game design, development, quality assurance and localization. Our preferred tools are state of the art technologies, ranging from low level APIs like OpenGL and DirectX to higher level 3D Engines like Unity 3D.
You can learn a bit more about us taking a look here: www.trickgs.com/folder/
If you see that we could be a good fit for your game development project needs, feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting at play@trickgs.com
See you at GDC!
Trick Gaming Studios LLC

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Big announcement!

Did you know that in Trick we are members of ADVA, the Argentine Game Developers Association?


ADVA is a Non-Profit Organization that promotes the growth of the videogame development industry in Argentina. Founded in 2000, it´s the main contact point for every international company or individual interested in seeking new opportunities for game development in Argentina

So what’s so important? Because Trick Gaming Studios is the only company in the city of Mar del Plata that is member of ADVA and now we can combine efforts to promote and encourage game development in Argentina

But the most important news is that Trick is working to prepare the Argentine Videogames Expo (EVAx) in Mar del Plata this year for first time.

Since 2003, ADVA has organized the EVA in Buenos Aires. Every year, the event is visited by thousands of attendees, who come from all over the world. Like the GDC, EVA consists of a series of conferences about game development where people gather to learn about the latest advances in programming, game design, art and business in the industry. The last edition of EVA was a massive success, reaching more than forty sponsors, including Sony, Vostu, Cartoon Network and Gameloft, among others.

We are also in charge of sharing the latest news in Mar del Plata on the website of ADVA, you can check the news here: http://adva.com.ar/capitulo-mar-del-plata/

In Trick we’re always growing to serve our clients even better.

Soon we will be with more news of the EVAx in Mar del Plata

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#trickplays Battlefield 4!

Hi there!, my name is Juan Sebastian Muguruza, but everyone calls me Mugu.
This week we’ll start with a new section on Trick’s blog that will be called #trickplays, as its name suggests, we’re gonna tell you what games are we playing at the moment, this week is Battlefield 4.

Well, if you don’t know it, Battlefield is one of the biggest FPS franchise out there and on this iteration of the saga it’s all about blowing things up and damn it feels good. I’m mostly playing it with friends on hardcore servers and

it’s been really great since the last patches fixed the tickrate issue. BF4 uses also a new iteration of the Frostbite Engine, Frostbite 3.

What I liked about it:

  • It feels a little slower than BF3, which I think it’s a good thing, it reminds me to the older Battlefields.
  • Graphics are just outstanding, hands down the best modern-warfare-like Multiplayer FPS to play if you’re looking for eyecandy.
  • It seems like the developers tried to pursue teamwork over individual gameplay, at least more than on BF3.
  • Levolution, a new feature from Frostbite 3 that brings giant scripted and physics based destruction to the maps. It’s really amazing and can be useful in some circumstances.
  • As always, the most fun you can get from it, it’s when you play it with friends, try do it if you can.
  • Weapons and vehicle customization it’s fucking great.

What I didn’t liked:

  • I hate the Premium based model. The DLC’s are great, though.
  • Some weapons feel too overpowered and others very underpowerer. Most people use pretty much the same guns with the same customization.
  • On PC it taked too long to get a solid state, at the beginning the tickrate just sucked and there were major issues/bugs with performance.

What I think that could’ve been improved:

  • Levolution it’s a great idea but I think that the way they implemented it ends up being too repetitive or just or too obvious.
  • Soldier customization could’ve been more deep, like weapons.
  • The squad matching with friends kind of sucks sometimes.

It was worth my time / Should you play it?:

Of course. I think right now Battlefield 4 it’s a really solid FPS (my favorite at the moment) and it’s great even for people that doesn’t like them too much.


  • Eventually, that will come down.
  • I'm flying!
  • I hope you don't have vertigo.
  • Say hello to my little friend.
  • War is dirt. At least on BF4.


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HTML & CSS image handling – Part 1

Hi, this is Nico from Trick Gaming Studios.

I have been working on some web projects and wanted to share with you a series of posts about custom image handling.

HTML/CSS image manipulation with cross-browser compatibility:
IE – Firefox – Chrome – Safari.


Some of the typical cases of image manipulation we may find when developing web projects: Continue reading

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Do videogames make people violent?


For some reason titles like the one on this article tend to attract lots of readers. The unfortunate side effect is that it also attracts yellow press publications that write biased articles about how videogames are ruining our society.

One of the topics that have garnered a high number of followers is the social/psychological implications games have over players minds, especially children. Continue reading

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Top 5 Gaming trends for 2014

Hi, This is Leandro from Trick Gaming Studios!

Gaming2014MainThe gaming industry has been one of the fastest growing industries for the last couple of years. Surprised? Even during times of economic slowdown, it appears to have been immune to the effects of the recession.

According to industry analyst, Colin Sebastian for RW Baird, video games generated US$60 billion in revenues in 2011 and are expected to reach US$80 billion by 2014. It’s not a matter of “If” it’ll keep growing, but rather of “How”. In that aspect, 2014 is going to be an interesting year if we consider the fact that it will be marked by the deployment of new home consoles from some of the biggest players out there. Continue reading

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Introduction to 3D Graphics – Part 3

Introducing basic Concepts of 3D graphics
Hi, This is Leandro from Trick Gaming Studios!

This is the third part of our ongoing series introducing you to the basic concept of 3D graphics.

In this post we’ll be explaining some basic mathematical concepts and teach about how objects are moved around in a typical 3D environment. When discussing 3D graphics some things can start to get a little complicated but just bear with us, we’ll try to keep everything as simple as possible.
Continue reading

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Introduction to 3D Graphics – Part 2

3D Graphics – Part 2
Hi, This is Leandro from Trick Gaming Studios!

This is the second part of our ongoing series to introduce you to the basic concepts of 3D graphics.

Continue reading

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