#TBT Gabriel Knight

For the launch of  Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, 20th Anniversary Edition, our founders Leandro and Julian shared their story with the game

Leandro: Julian’s brother gave us a CD with old games, and I think we chose to play Gabriel Knight because the name seemed interesting. We thought that was a Knight named Gabriel.

After having played for a while, we got to day 3 but couldn´t progress, so we were trying all possible combinations for weeks. I remember when touching the icon on Gabriel. He said something like: I already did that, for us, that had 8 or 9 years, was superfunny

Julian: At that time I had learned that at the mall, you could use 15 minutes of internet for free, it was all new for that time, no one had at home yet. Hopefully running at 56K, or maybe 32, so we went there to try.

Leandro: Julian who had already used the internet before, said that we had to search at Altavista, and there saw that we had to grab clay from the crime scene, and use it to make a mold and then a copy of a bracelet. It was mind blowing. Then I try to do it with the keys of the school, but didn´t work

Julian: I remember that later we got the soundtrack and recorded it on a tape. Those  were very good times

tbt gabriel knight

Now tell us, what is your favorite 90′s game?

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