Top 5 announcements from GDC 2015

As every year, we attended GDC. This time our CEO, Leandro Gonzalez went with Cesar D’Onofrio, CEO of Making Sense, to bring you the latest news and trends in the industry

  • Our CEO, Leandro Gonzalez and Cesar DOnofrio, CEO of Making Sense

The conference took place at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco during the first week of March and it was full of announcements

Here are the 5 things that you can’t miss from GDC 2015

  1. Engines, free engines everywhere you looked

Game engines were big news at GDC this year. Epic announced that Unreal Engine 4 is now available at no cost,  also Source 2 and Unity 5 engines straight-up free with even more features than before!


  1. Virtually Reality

GDC 2015 saw a huge surge of interest and developer engagement with Virtual Reality (VR) devices and platforms, with huge tech and game industry players including Sony, Oculus, Valve and HTC showcasing new technology months, even years before the products hit retail shelves

The lines for VR Demos were never empty. Oculus demoed the latest Rift prototype called Crescent Bay and Epic Games has teamed up with Weta Digital to present a virtual reality experience based on The Hobbit films — in which you confront the dragon, Smaug.


  1. Amazing Sessions

As usual, GDC presented a large array of talks to choose from. After what has been a hard year for the game industry in terms of diversity, one of the trending talks circled around eight women delivering inspiring messages describing their experiences working in the video game industry in the #1ReasonToBe panel at the 2015 GDC.

women at gdc

  1. Big Announcements

During the first day NVIDIA annouced their NVIDIA SHIELD, the first Android TV console from the company.

It’s built to scoop up the best titles that Android and PC gaming have to offer and put them in the middle of your living room.


The next day they surprised us with a second announcement, The GeForce GTX TITAN X, a 12GB GPU with 8 billion transistors. Inside a InWin Tou Tempered Glass ATX Case, its latest powerhouse graphics card from Nvidia


At the second day of GDC, Khronos unveils Vulkan, an explicit cross-platform 2D and 3D graphics API, is the next generation of OpenGL. Vulkan targets high-performance realtime 3D graphics applications such as games and interactive media across all platforms.


  1. History of games

Videogame History Museum presented “The History of Atari”, with a blowout exhibit of systems, arcade machines, rare prototypes and memorabilia. The Museum’s Atari exhibit includes not just that 2600 system, but many sample systems from the company, including systems like the Touch Me, a handheld game system that was the inspiration for Ralph Baer to create Simon. Other systems and games on display were never publicly released, such as Game Brain, a cartridge-based prototype system for which only five cartridges were ever made, and Atari Cosmos, the result of Atari buying many holography patents to create a hologram-based game system.



Wall of Wow: The Wall of Wow highlights the wide variety of Intel® processor-powered devices. At the center we imagine a giant motherboard with devices from small to large as the components of an exciting ecosystem

Wall of Wow

We are present at these events to bring you the latest trends and technologies and provide a better service for our customers and clients.

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