What do we do now? All about the Global Game Jam 2015

Under the theme What do we do now?”   the Global Game Jam 2015 began last weekend.  The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game creation event taking place around the world at physical locations.

Last year we hosted this event for first time on Trick’s hometown: Mar del Plata, Argentina and since last year’s was awesome we couldn’t resist and we did it again. With over 30 attendees the GGJ began the Friday until Sunday (with breaks for sleep and relax). It was intense but after countless number of cups of coffee and pizza slices, the team could meet the goals and develop not just one, but four games!

  • All the team together
  • Really focused on their work
  • working and chilling
  • having fun...
  • Having fun
  • wonderful shirt!
  • art is everywhere
  • Doing some music
  • Doing some music
  • Doing some music
  • having fun!
  • working...
  • Sea Lion preview
  • ping-pong time!
  • that is a lot of pizza...
  • final touches
  • testing the games
  • Tomy and Tiburcio Team
  • Having fun

We had the presence of Fer, Francisco, Christian and Juan from OKAM Studio, who made everyone laugh despite the tiredness. Surely you remember Fer for the talk he gave at EVAX MDQ about the “10 things that nobody told him about being a Game Designer” and Juan is the founder of GODOT Engine.

The Global Game Jam was a great opportunity to connect with people, to share experiences, and create something. Videogames do not escape to our own cultures, and it’s a great moment to step back and admire and celebrate our differences and our similarities. During the GGJ, more than 28000 participants create almost 5500 games in 78 different countries in just one weekend.

These are the four games that were developed at our offices during the #GGJ15

  • Apocrifo
  • S.E.A. L.I.O.N. M.A.S.A.C.R.E.W.
  • Super Crazy Tennis
  • Tomy and Tiburcio

And now it´s… TIME TO PLAY!

We hope attendees had as much fun as we have during the GGJ. See you at #GGJ16

Specialthanks to Agustina Garcia Orsi forthe pictures

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